It's been written that there is a novel in all of us, just waiting to be written. Well, I'm not so sure about that! However, I do believe that there is a story in all of us, waiting to be given a 'voice'. This page will become the menu page for the articles and stories that will, hopefully, be written and sent to us for inclusion here.

Some Articles

Below are links to a few of the articles, which can be  found, on the Oldham Historical Research Group's website, and contributed by its readers.

They cover a wide variety of subjects, with particular reference to both local people and places.


Reprinted from the 'Oldham Express' in 'Local Notes and Gleanings' by Giles Shaw,
Vol.1, 1886 - 1887 p.194 - 195

The first newspaper published in Oldham was the ‘Oldham Observer,' No. 1 of which is dated May 3rd, 1827. Some nine or ten years ago I know a copy was in the possession of the widow of the late Mr. James Bailey. In the strict sense of the term it was not a newspaper. The first and only number of the 'Oldham Argus' was published 6th March, 1847.
The first weekly newspaper published in Oldham was the 'Chronicle', in May, 1854, the publisher being the late Mr. Daniel Evans. Besides the above, I remember the 'Oldham Advertiser', the 'Oldham Times', the 'Oldham Standard', the 'Oldham Telegraph', and the 'Oldham Express'.
'Oldham Express', December, 1867.- First daily evening paper in Lancashire. 'Oldham Standard', 1869.
          John Hollinhead

Newspaper archives held at Oldham Local Studies & Archives Library ...
all of which are available on the film readers.

Crompton and Royton Chronicle ........ 1936 (January) - 1958 (June)
Illustrated Oldham Telegraph ........ 1859 (March - November)
Illustrated Oldham Herald ........ 1855 (June - August)
Illustrated Oldham Journal ........ 1854 (October) - 1855 (February)
Midweek Oldham Mirror ........ 1954 (September) - 1955 (January)
Oldham Ensign and Standard ........ 1868 (July - September)
Oldham Evening Chronicle ........ May 1854 to date
Oldham Daily Advertiser ........ 1856 (December) - 1859 (May) & 1889 (October) - 1890 (December)
Oldham Express ........ 1867 (December) - 1889 (July)
Oldham Liberal Elector ........ 1869 (September - November)
Oldham Observer ........ 1863 (October)
Oldham Observer and Lees Free Press ........ 1858 (March - May)
Oldham Operative ........ 1884 (November) - 1885 (January)
Oldham Reformer and General Advertiser ........ 1853 (September) - 1854 (March)
Oldham Standard ........ 1859 (August) - 1946 (December

 If you follow this LINK, to Research/Where to Start, in the Manchester pages,  you can read an introductory article called 'Read All About It! - newspapers as a treasure trove'.


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