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Deaths at Scutari Hospital

24 October 2020

What became of those ancestors who just disappear from the records? Perhaps they died in a foreign field. Thousands died in the Crimea campaign of 1854-56 the considerable majority from illness rather than action. Could your lost ancestor be one of them?

A New Pace

21 October 2020

Challenging times have meant a change of pace to all our lives. And,  this is also relevant to those of us who volunteer on the Society's Family History Help Desk.  Like the rest of the nation the initial lock down in March meant an immediate cessation of all our Help Desk activities and finding new ways to fill our days and new ways of doing things.  And, as the days and the weeks have passed this has even meant learning new ways to research our family history!

Schrodinger's Mother-in-law

14 October 2020

What links a thought experiment created to illustrate a concept in quantum physics and the 1939 index? You have possibly heard of Schrodinger's Cat, but what about Schrodinger's Mother-in-Law?

Message from the Chairman

20 August 2020

I have watched the development of the website over many months and marvelled at the vast collection of archival material which we have assembled for the use of the family historians who will visit it. The commitment and ingenuity of many volunteers have combined to deliver a resource which I hope will become essential to thousands of researchers tracing Ancestors hailing from Manchester and further afield.

Family History in the Time of Coronavirus

31 July 2020

Imagine. It is 1995 and the world is facing a coronavirus pandemic. The country is locking down. You will be confined to your home for weeks. How are you going to spend your time? Well, not researching your family history for a start. Record offices and local studies libraries have closed and will remain closed for months.