Manchester Family History Society

Branch Announcement: Due to COVID-19 All Events are currently postponed.

Upcoming Events

Manchester Street Names + AGM

10.30am 21 Apr 2021

History of Manchester told from the viewpoint of its Street Names.


To the Manor Born

2.00pm 24 Apr 2021

John Marsden talks about Manor Records and how they can help Historians today.


The Flour Dealer in Georgian England

2.00pm 1 May 2021

The story of one flour dealer of Manchester whose personal history reveals the story of travel and politics in Georgian England.


Zeppelin Ship of Dreams Presentation by David Skillen.

7.00pm 23 Jun 2021

David is an engaging, animated and entertaining professional speaker on a variety of historical subjects.


'The Anglo Irish Treaty of 1921'

7.00pm 8 Sep 2021

The Irish Delegation at the Anglo-Irish Treaty Negotiations, 1921.


Horatio Bottomley Swindler of the Century?

2.00pm 25 Sep 2021

This illustrated biographical talk will discuss the life of Horatio Bottomley.