Bolton Research

Research at Bolton

Our Research

Our members get involved in individual research, branch research, and the research projects carried out by society. As a branch we work with the Bolton History Centre, and tend to focus on smaller archives which are local to us. 

Local History

Much of the research around Bolton is included in The Great Database, which is accessed by the orange 'Search' button at the top of the page. As family historians we also look into our local history - which inevitably contains names and details of individuals. Our research is published in the Bolton section of The Manchester Genealogist.

Finding People

When present restrictions end, we will be able to resume helping local people to find their local ancestors again. Whenever possible we will offer help at our monthly meetings and at local venues such as Bolton History Centre. Our members also help each other on the society's online forum.


Over the next few weeks we will be listing online documents that are useful in our local searches. Some of these are indexed in The Great Database, some are not. Our members also continue to research family and local history and will publish their work on completion. 

Help and Advice

We do not have a place we can call home, but (pandemics aside) we do have excellent partnerships with Bolton History Centre which enables us to offer help desks and to be present at local events. We also have a great venue for our meetings at Bolton Old Links Golf Club. 

Private Research

What do I do with my research? We share our research with our members - not all of it, necessarily, but we like to share that which is unusual. The research undertaken to identify just one ancestor, or how we traced another ancestor's movements. We share our stories at meetings and in the quarterly magazine, The Manchester Genealogist.

Website links

There is a wealth of free information online and our Weblinks pages provide you with a route to the most helpful websites to help with your research. Weblinks

Upcoming Events in Bolton

Bolton FHS Meeting - Researching Welsh Ancestors

7.30pm 3 Nov 2021

This session will look at why Welsh ancestors emigrated from Wales, starting with a historical overview of life in Wales.


Bolton FHS Meeting - Christmas food and drink through the ages

7.30pm 1 Dec 2021

Join us as we find out what the men, women and children of Bolton and Manchester would have eaten and drank over the Christmas period.


Bolton FHS Meeting - The Hidden Secrets of Marriage Registration

7.30pm 5 Jan 2022

Antony Marr's "The Hidden Secrets of Marriage Registration" is a follow up to last August's very popular talk, Birth and Death Registration