Bolton Family History Society

Upcoming Events

Bolton FHS Meeting - Liverpool Cowkeepers: A family history

7.30pm 2 Jun 2021

Dave Joy draws on his own family history to tell the story of the lives and times of the Liverpool Cowkeepers.


Bolton FHS Meeting - Jerome Caminada, the real Sherlock Holmes

7.30pm 7 Jul 2021

Jerome Caminada was a 19th-century police officer in Manchester who was reputedly the real Sherlock Holmes


Bolton FHS Meeting - The Cotton Famine and how badly was Bolton affected?

7.30pm 4 Aug 2021

The Lancashire Cotton Famine of 1861-65 and how badly affected was Bolton?


Bolton FHS Meeting - Researching illegitimate ancestors

7.30pm 1 Sep 2021

Retired professional archivist Anna Watson explains how Church Court Records can help to find our illegitimate ancestors


Bolton FHS Meeting - Research using education records

7.30pm 6 Oct 2021

The schooldays of our Lancashire ancestors in the nineteenth century