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Society Meetings and Branch Meetings

Salford Histories Festival

30 Oct 2021 (Sat), St Peter's, Swinton, public event

The Two Irish Wives of Friedrich Engels

27 Oct 2021 (Wed), Manchester Occasional, Dr Aidan Beatty, online

Famous Mancunians, or Mighty Men and Wonderwomen

20 Oct 2021, Manchester, Jean Bailo, online

Ancestral Breakthroughs, share your successes!

16 Oct 2021, Anglo Scots, social event, online

The Amazing Mary Higgs, Social Reformer

9 Oct 2021, Oldham, Carol Talbot, online

Research Using Education Records

6 Oct 2021, Bolton, David Tilsley, online

Why you and your cousin don't match on Ancestry!

2 Oct 2021, Manchester Beginners, Hilary Hartigan, online

Horatio Bottomley - Swindler?

25 Sep 2021, Manchester 1921, Jef Page, online

Medieval Manchester Event

25-26 Sep 2021, Chetham's School, public event

Heritage Event

25-26 Sep 2021, Victoria Baths Heritage, public event

Scottish Marriage, Buckled for Life

18 Sep 2021, Anglo Scots, Chris Paton, online

A History of the Cooperative Movement from the Rochdale Pioneers

11 Sep 2021, Oldham, Sophie McCulloch, online

The Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921

8 Sep 2021, Manchester 1921, Dr √Čamon Phoenix, online

Finding Illegitimate Ancestors

1 Sep 2021, Bolton, Anna Watson, online

Passchendaele 1917 the Oldham Battalions

14 Aug 2021, Oldham, Sheila Goodyear, online

The Hidden Secrets of Birth and Death Registration

4 Aug 2021, Bolton, Antony Marr, online

Dating Old Photographs

21 Jul 2021, MLFHS Quarterly, Steve Gill, online

Gems of Manchester Tour

17 Jul 2021, Anglo Scots, Jonathan Schofield, online

A Brief History of the Canals around Oldham and Manchester

10 jul 21, Oldham, Judy Jones, online

Jerome Caminada, the real Sherlock Holmes

7 Jul 2021, Bolton, Joseph O'Neill, online

Pit Lasses, the female miners of 1842

26 jun 2021, Manchester, Denise Bates, online

Zeppelin, the ship of dreams

23 Jun 2021, Manchester 1921, David Skillen, online

The Mitchell Library and its Poor Law Holdings

19 Jun 2021, Anglo Scots, Dr Irene O'Brien, online

Markets to Supermarkets: 200 years of shopping

12 Jun 2021, Oldham, Michael Winstanley, online

A Practical Guide to Irish Research

5 Jun 2021, Manchester Beginners, Carol Wells, online

Liverpool Cowkeepers

2 Jun 2021, Bolton, Dave Joy, online

Confessions of a Country Lane Researcher

8 May 2021, Oldham, Tony Foster, Online

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

15 May 2021, Anglo Scots, Sue Whitaker, online

Tracing Females in the Family

5 May 2021, Bolton, Jackie Depelle, online

The Flour Dealer: Tavel and Politics in Georgian England

1 May 2021, Manchester Occasional, Hilary Hartigan, online

To the Manor Born: Manorial Records for Historians

24 Apr 2021, Manchester Beginners, John Marsden, Online

Manchester Street Names

21 Apr 2021, Manchester Quarterly, Ray Hoerty, Online

Your Ancestral Brick Walls

15 Apr 2021, Anglo Scots, Social Event, Online

Memories from Holidays Past

10 Apr 2021, Oldham, Chris Helme, Online

Quakerism in Bolton

7 Apr 2021, Bolton, Gordon Benson, online

Looking at Census Records

27 Mar 2021, Manchester Beginners, Michael Couper, online

A Gartside Man sent to Van Dieman's Land

13 Mar 2021, Oldham, Sheila Goodyear, online

How Newspapers Can Help You With Your research

6 Mar 2021, Manchester Occasional, Denise Bates, online

Researching Your Irish Family

3 Mar 2021, Bolton, Carol Wells, online

Tracing the Irish in Scotland

20 Feb 2021, Anglo Scots, Chris Paton, online

Annie Kenney: Working Class Suffragette

13 Feb 2021, Oldham, Carol Talbot, online

MLFHS: Our New Website

6 Feb 2021, Manchester Beginners, Hilary Hartigan, online

Criminals in Bolton

3 Feb 2021, Bolton, Alan Crosby, online

Starting Your Family Tree

30 Jan 2021, Oldham, Sheila Goodyear, online

Anglo Scots Quiz and Social

16 Jan 2021, Anglo Scots, Social Event, online

DNA - Just Taken Your Test?

9 Jan 2021, Oldham, Hilary Hartigan, online

Moorlands, Memories and Reflections

6 Jan 2021, Bolton, Paul Salverson, online

Our New 'Manchester Ancestors' Website

6 jan 2021, Manchester Quarterly, Hilary Hartigan, online

Festive Quiz and New Website

17 Dec 2020, Anglo Scots, Hilary Hartigan, online

Failsworth and Woodhouse Home Comforts

12 Dec 2020, Oldham, Sheila Goodyear, online

Pretoria Mining Disaster

2 Dec 2020, Bolton, Gareth Ratcliffe, online

DNA: Why Cousins Don't Share DNA

21 Nov 2020, Anglo Scots, Hilary Hartigan, online

Adoption and Family Tree Research

4 Nov 2020, Bolton, Dr Penny Walters, online

Traditional Meeting Days

These dates can vary

Manchester Quarterly Meetings - usually a Wednesday, all day
Manchester Topical Meetings - usually a Saturday morning
Anglo Scots - 1st Saturday afternoon of the month (from Feb 2022)
Bolton - Ist Wednesday evening of the month
Oldham - 2nd Saturday afternoon of the month